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Zero Diversity Presidential Cabinet

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I suspect this is the least diverse Presidential Cabinet that Joe Biden was able to assemble.

A Cabinet that looks like America. pic.twitter.com/XZNOSTE2GJ

— President Biden (@POTUS) April 2, 2021

Diversity of ideas is the only type of diversity that should be celebrated in a President’s Cabinet. Is a particular race and sex written in the job descriptions for Cabinet members in the Biden/Harris administration? Based on the fact that Biden is celebrating the race and sex makeup of the group with his tweet, I conclude race and sex were critically important factors in making the selections. Biden then is publicly announcing he is racist and sexist. By definition, the English words “racism” and “sexism” mean to use race and sex in opinion and decisions about individuals.

When Biden was seeking a VP candidate, he announced he would choose a “woman of color.” And he did so. Restricting the pool to black women eliminates 94% of the US population from the running. I wonder if Harris feels proud to be Biden’s choice from the pool of the 6% black women in America. How does it feel to be the best choice as long as 94% of the possibilities are eliminated based on being the wrong race and sex for the job requirement? I’d be angry, not honored, to be offered a job where the #1 requirement was a particular race and sex.

What other conclusion is possible other than Biden is both a racist and a sexist? That he intends to use racism and sexism in his activities as President and to celebrate it? What this Cabinet does have is “unity.” “Unity” as defined by what Joe Biden and the elites in power use the term for.

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