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Your costs for Biden’s bloated bureaucracy

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“Drain the swamp!” Those three words were more than a mantra for the Trump administration. They were shorthand for reducing the number of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who control the lives of Americans by enforcing a plethora of government regulations without ever standing for election. Now, with President Joe Biden in the White House, the swamp is again overflowing.

OpentheBooks.com recently published the latest appalling figures on the federal government’s “internal” spending. One example: The Biden White House is the most costly in our nation’s history, even though the president has been in office less than a year. His White House employs more than 560 people with an annual payroll of $50 million. In contrast, former President Donald Trump’s White House employed about 400 people with an annual payroll of $40 million.

The trend under Biden is not just up – it’s soaring. The federal government, under Biden, now costs American taxpayers $2.3 million per minute. We warned this would happen during a Biden presidency in our book, “We Didn’t Fight for Socialism: America’s Veterans

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