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WOW! Dirty CIA Publishes Hit Piece on Trump – Intel Community Describes Him as Challenging and Embittered After They Launched Their Coup Against His Administration for 4 Years

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Apparently, the US intelligence community published a new report on how difficult and chellenging it was working with President Trump during his years in the White House.

The CIA was shocked that Trump was upset and leery of the organization after they launched their investigation on his campaign and administration based on complete lies. They point out that Trump was particularly upset with the dossier that was completely made up and accused him of paying hookers in Moscow to pee on a bed in his hotel room. We now know the entire dossier was paid for and manufactured by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

To this date, not one person has faced justice for their ongoing coup against President Trump for the four years he was in office.

And these horrible demons are surprised that Trump was so untrusting and embittered?

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The report describes their briefings with President Trump. They forgot to mention they were also spying on General Mike Flynn at the same time they were meeting with the President elect and his team.

Cliff Sims has much more on this.

The IC has enormous issues — internal & external — that must be addressed if it hopes to restore public trust in its ability to perform its important mission to keep Americans safe. There will always be inherent tension in operating secret orgs in an open/democratic society.

— Cliff Sims (@Cliff_Sims) December 1, 2021

CBS News reported:

The U.S. intelligence community faced “greater challenges” in briefing former President Trump than it had confronted in almost five decades,

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