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Woman stuck in flood can’t believe her eyes as cadre of Marines in dress blues begins wading to her

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One of the primary reasons that a majority of Americans of all political persuasions supported the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan was that we back our service members and do not want them to be engaged in conflicts that don’t best serve our national interests.

This was also one of the reasons that Americans were disgusted to see the way President Joe Biden conducted the withdrawal from Afghanistan in a manner that not only handcuffed the unmatched might and determination of our armed forces but put their lives at risk and ultimately cost us 13 service members — 11 Marines, one soldier and one sailor — who will never again return home to their loved ones.

We are proud of our troops as Americans, and the Marine Corps has long been one of our most celebrated institutions and a source of great honor and esteem.

So when a woman who found herself stuck in floodwaters on a Virginia highway this week saw through the rain a group of Marines wading through the water to help her — in their dress blues, no less — she was absolutely right to declare the event was “the most American thing ever.”

I think you’ll agree.

The now-viral video, originally posted to TikTok, shows several Marines wading through water up to their knees to assist the woman and the driver of the vehicle, which had gotten stuck in the deluge,

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