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Woman panics when strange man approaches her in parking lot, then her German shepherd starts ‘going mad’

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It was around 4:50 in the morning on Sunday when Lorraine Scott arrived at a familiar dog-walking spot with her 3-year-old German shepherd, Toby.

Though she’d been to Leasowe beach before, this time something different was waiting for her.

“I turned into the car park for the beach, and I spotted this maroon car on my right hand side,” Scott, from Birkenhead, England, told the Liverpool Echo.

“I carried on driving down towards the steps to the beach because it’s easier for the dog and parked by a vacant car.”

“I then started to sort everything out, like get my wellies on and get Toby sorted and noticed that the maroon car must have turned around from the way he was facing when I drove in as it was pulling up beside the vacant car by me.”

Scott, 40, was trained in kickboxing and clearly aware of her surroundings. At first the “strange man” didn’t seem nefarious, but his behavior grew increasingly suspicious, and soon she was freaking out.

“I knew whoever it was had seen that I was on my own when I drove past, but I didn’t think anything of it at this point,” she added.


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