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Woman facing charges for killing newborn, leaving him in trash

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[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action.]

By Anne Marie Williams
Live Action

A New York woman is facing murder charges for deliberately killing her newly-delivered baby boy. According to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, 30-year-old Andee Wright of Tonawanda is being indicted on second-degree murder charges for intentionally inflicting blunt force trauma on the child with the intent to cause his death mere minutes after delivering him at home. While the baby died almost one year ago, on October 5, 2020, District Attorney John Flynn doggedly pursued the alleged “miscarriage” case because the details seemed fishy to him, and only recently amassed sufficient evidence to bring Wright to trial.

Nearly a year ago, Andee Wright’s boyfriend returned home after a night out with a friend to find the woman in “medical distress.” At that time, she told them that she had suffered a miscarriage of her 38-week gestation baby. Factually, any intrauterine death of a preborn child after 20 weeks is classified as a stillbirth rather than a miscarriage, but stories regarding the case repeatedly refer to Wright’s insistence that she had ‘miscarried.’ Not long after Wright was taken to the hospital, the baby’s body was discove

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