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Wisconsin Election Integrity: Audits, Subpoenas, Investigations, and Legislation

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Wisconsin awaits the resolution of multiple ongoing election integrity efforts. An election processes audit by its Legislative Audit Bureau that Republicans had ordered in February, an investigation initiated by Republican Speaker of the State Assembly Robin Vos, and a battle over attempts to subpoena election materials for a full forensic audit are ongoing. The state government has enacted legislation for election reform, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) has removed ~200,000 inactive voters from the rolls.

Republican Representative Timothy Ramthun describes the differences between the three audit efforts on episode 28 of his Ramthun Report. He warns that “there are major efforts to cloud the truth” of the various audits, described in his video as “a genuine effort to mislead and confuse everyone.” He calls State Representative Janel Brandtjen’s subpoena effort “the one true AZ style transparent full cyber and forensic audit that people are demanding.”

Rep. Brandtjen, who is chair of the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee, provided a press release update on the subpoenas she issued to Brown and Milwaukee counties that come due on September 7 in which she stated,

“With the overwhelming amount of questionable election activity in Green Bay and Milwaukee, it is clear that a thorough investigation of the physical ballots, equipment, and other election materials is warranted. Both Brown and Milwaukee counties need to be aware that they are bound by statute to preserve all election materials for twenty-two months.”

That came the same day that AP reported both counties as having rejected the subpoenas in letters to Brandtjen.

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