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WI Election Integrity: Special Counsel Delivers Interim Report

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Wisconsin’s Office of Special Counsel has delivered an interim report to the State Assembly that details its election integrity investigation. The report reads as a serious and reasonably impartial explanation of the Special Counsel investigation, including scope, justification, and legal authority—while recapping previously revealed irregularities in Wisconsin and addressing criticisms that have arisen since it was formed.

The Special Counsel investigation was expanded to full-time and was given additional investigators in July. The legislature had authorized the investigation, and Speaker Robin Voss had appointed former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman as its lead. In the interim report, Gableman writes:

“I am authorized by law to take all reasonable steps to investigate what happened in regard to the November 2020 election, what should have happened, why there was a difference between the two.”

The report begins with a quote from a woman who had raised concerns of elder exploitation through manipulating absentee ballots in Wisconsin:

“I am writing this, as I feel my mother was taken advantage of in her mental state. Parents and loved ones should be protected, not exploited, for an ink mark on a piece of paper and questionable agenda.”

Evidence of significant so-called ‘Granny Harvesting’ in Racine County, Wisconsin, was recently presented by Sheriff Christopher Schmaling and the lead investigator Sergeant Michael Luell. The problem is already the subject of multiple lawsuits in Wisconsin, though Granny Harvesting is presumed to occur nationwide.

The interim report’s introduction gives examples of the kind of questions that the Special Counsel’s investigation is seeking to answer:

“Why were so many voter registrations at a single address?

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