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Who Decides Who The Terrorists Are?

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Rep. Stephanie Murphy, who proudly serves Florida’s Seventh District, introduces a bill called the Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021(SCIA) to “disqualify participants in Capitol attack or members of QANON from holding security clearances”—a direct quote from her congressional website.

Rep. MurphBill to Prevent Capitol Protesters from Holding Security Clearance/Murphy Webpage

Murphy, a former national security specialist who held high-security clearance at the Department of Defense (DoD), seems to make no bones about whom she targets with this bill.

She states in her press release that “people who participated in the assault on the Capitol” or who are QANON followers should be denied security access because, “It is highly unlikely that such an individual will be found by investigators to have shown the conduct, character, and loyalty to the United States that is a prerequisite to holding a national security position and viewing classified information.” 

The bill also expands the universe of targeted individuals to anyone who attended a “similar Stop the Steal activity.” Had she not included Stop the Steal protests, one might assume that she means only the much smaller group of people who actually damaged property on Jan.6, not the 100’s of thousands of people who stood peacefully and, in some cases, prayerfully, outside of the Capitol with their American flags.

Protester/Topeka/Capitol Meemaw

Those who apply for security clearance must reasonably accept that invasive questions will be posed on their Standard Form 86 application. Such questions are necessary to guard against nefarious actors in our government who might subvert their office to carry out disruptive activity against the country.

The application covers a multitude of activities,

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