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‘White man is an evil devil’: The sordid mind of parade-massacre suspect

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Darrell Brooks

Darrell Brooks

Darrell Brooks, the suspect in custody in the Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that already has claimed six lives, is being revealed to be an extremist in more than one way.

At the website Loomered, authored by Laura Loomer, it was revealed his social media was “littered” with anti-white and anti-Jewish posts that even encouraged the “killing” of whites.

“This publication was early to note and report Darrell’s ties to Black Lives Matter, and the fact that he used a vehicle to murder people in an act of vehicular jihad,” the site explained.

“Laura Loomer posted that the suspect was likely a black Muslim, and now we can exclusively confirm that Darrell Brooks is a supporter of The Five Percent Nation, otherwise known as the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE or NOGE), a sub-sect of Nation of Islam (NOI).”

The report explains the Five Percent Nation is a “black nationalist movement influenced by Islam. Members of the group call themselves ‘Allah’s Five Percenters’. The Five Percent Nation preaches black supremacy and teaches that black people are the original inhabitants of planet earth, and that the white man is an evil devil.”

Loomer explains the name comes from the “five percent” the Nation of Islam believes are those who are above the 85% who are “uncivilized people, poison animal eaters,” and the 10% who are “rich, slave makers.”

The “five percent”

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