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What the RNC Doesn’t Want You to Know

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When it comes to winning elections, the greatest potential for change comes from grassroots activism at the local level. However, many American citizens are either ignorant of their potential for influence or do not lend their time in the numbers needed to effect change.

Conservative activist and West Point graduate Dan Schultz, who runs a website called The Precinct Project, says “there’s power in numbers,” and Precinct Committeemen are the “foot soldiers in the army” who can truly change the chemistry of the Republican Party as it now stands. Simply put, at the precinct level where the party should be its strongest, it is tragically where it is the weakest—and with devastating consequences.

Graphic/Right Lane Network Website

Friday, Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC and her co-host Frank put the spotlight on the long-time Arizona activist’s straightforward and time-tested strategy on the Dark to Light Podcast.

Schultz’s mission to transform the Republican party began in 2007. He had moved his family to Arizona, and the illegal immigration challenges there spurred him to action. His midwestern, small-town upbringing helped plant seeds that would later germinate and grow into meaningful civic action. And it was his seventh-grade social studies teacher, the late Sam Alvord, who “taught [him] basic American Civics in the late 1960s in Alma, Wisconsin,” lessons that are very rarely taught in schools today. Those lessons were so impactful he dedicated his pithy but inspiring book—with a very long title—to Alvord: “How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again.”


The November 2020 Election left many in the Trump movement feeling helpless.

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