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What public schools won’t teach about Thanksgiving (but you should)

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Secularism, the movement to rid God and anything religious from society, has been on the move for decades. But in recent years those who propagate it have set their targets on the most sacred of holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter– trying to eliminate or neuter them from any Christian message or influence.

Case in point: Thanksgiving.

History.com jumped on the secular bandwagon a few years ago by starting to emphasize the commercial and economic needs of the Pilgrims as the primary reason they came to the New World.

The website quotes one author to support its claim: “The Pilgrims actually had no reason to leave the Dutch Republic in order to go to America to seek religious toleration – because they already had it,” says Simon Targett, co-author of “New World, Inc.: The Making of America by England’s Merchant Adventurers.” “Therefore, you have to look for other reasons as to why they might have risked the dangers of going across to the New World – and one of the big reasons was commercial.”

History.com concluded, “Like tens of millions of newcomers who would follow in their wake to America, the Pilgrims were economic migrants.” (In other words, the Pilgrims were no different than modern-day migrants from Mexico or Central America: just seeking a better financial living. But was that really the case?)

Reinterpreting and retelling history has been done across the nation in public education for decades,

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