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We’ve got it: Read full report of terror suspects arrested at border mysteriously deleted by DHS

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After the Department of Homeland Security mysteriously deleted a news release announcing the apprehension of two Yemeni illegal immigrants who appeared on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List, The Western Journal has uncovered an archived copy of the web page.

The news release, published on Monday, disappeared without warning by Tuesday, leaving many scratching their heads at the event.

What could have been either a botched cover-up job, attempting to protect what little credibility the Biden administration has regarding the situation at the border, or a simple clerical error that has thus far gone unremedied has evoked one response from Republicans: Why?

The House Homeland Security Committee GOP group asked this very question on Tuesday, mentioning the DHS and Customs and Border Protection on Twitter to ask why the news release was removed from the website.

“Transparency in name alone is not transparency.”

.@DHSgov & @CBP Why did you take down your previously public tweet & press release announcing that two people on the terror watch list were apprehended exploiting President Biden’s open border policies?

Transparency in name alone is not transparency. https://t.co/6SONcvlwAa

— House Homeland GOP (@HomelandGOP) April 6, 2021

Ironically, White House press secretary Jen Psaki deferred back to the DHS and CBP when asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy about the incident, after the news release had already been taken down.

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