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We Are Not a Serious Country

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Millions of American-loving patriots have spent their entire lives feeling a sense of overwhelming pride in their country. We have proudly sung the national anthem and defended America, its history, and the American way of life. Some of us even served in the military or law enforcement. However, times have changed. The America you thought you knew is dead–we are no longer a serious country, and you should understand that. Serious countries do not have systems specifically designed to screw over working-class Americans. They have common values, a thriving culture, elections with integrity, law, and order, and individual rights and freedoms, to name a few. We used to have those things, but not anymore.

Now, it is not that all these concerns just appeared. Many of these concerns have been a reality for decades, and in some cases, they have become worse. However, more Americans than ever are now aware of these realities thanks to Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump was so disruptive to the ruling class establishment that he forced them to completely take the masks off, exposing our system as being just as rigged as he proclaimed it was. It was his greatest accomplishment in office.

We are supposed to be the world’s superpower, a force to be reckoned with. So why is our military paying for sex reassignment surgery instead of medically discharging those people? Why are they teaching divisive, anti-American propaganda like white privilege and critical race theory and then asking them to defend America? Our military has become the overseas profit arm of the establishment ruling class, being played like pawns in a cruel game of chess. Now they are being used to protect our corrupt elites in D.C., building walls, detaining law-abiding citizens, checking identifications, and surrounding the U.S.

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