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Was Rosenstein Running the Mueller Special Counsel and the Spygate Investigation Simultaneously?

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By Brian Cates

When new declassifications are made regarding what happened in the key period from January to June of 2017, it is important to look at the early Spygate events with a fresh pair of eyes.

A good reporter can use recent disclosures to reassess their understanding of past events. Reporters who can’t or won’t do that will not have an accurate grasp of the story, and thus do their readers a disservice.

Many pundits, reporters, and media personalities on the Right have, at this point, set-in-stone narratives about Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. New information must be followed wherever it leads. You cannot let an old narrative stop you, no matter how popular it is or who seemed to be publicly endorsing it.

Sessions has been characterized as being a coward paralyzed by the overwhelming task of defending the President who appointed him from a host of saboteurs inside the law enforcement agencies he was leading. Rosenstein is viewed as a backstabbing snake and a top Spygate plotter, supposedly conspiring to remove President Trump from office.

The recent declassifications show that these narratives are wrong. It now looks as though the much-maligned Rosenstein was running the very public Mueller Special Counsel’s Office and the very secret Durham investigation at the same time.

Here are what the declassifications by the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe have revealed since last October:

  • All the major Spygate scandal players knew by September, 2016 that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative being peddled to them by various political operatives was coming straight from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Handwritten notes by CIA Director John Brennan show he briefed President Obama on the Clinton dirty tricks campaign on July 28,

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