Was Hunter Biden the Bagman for Joe? Secret Service Records Show Shocking Number of Flights Hunter Took from Joint Base Andrews All Over the World

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After Facebook and Twitter famously censored bombshell reporting by the New York Post on Hunter Biden, it was clear that any negative news on Hunter would be ignored or suppressed by the media. Well, thank goodness for Judicial Watch, who obtained Secret Service travel records showing a shocking number of flights taken by Hunter Biden between 2009-2014.

According to Judicial Watch, Biden’s son Hunter took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and the middle of 2014. That includes 23 flights into or out of Joint Base Andrews—home to Air Force One and Air Force Two.

The Secret Service records show that countries and territories visited by Hunter Biden between June 2009 and May 2014 included:

Ethiopia and India on June 14-22, 2009
Argentina on September 14-17, 2009
France and Spain on November 9-13, 2009
Canada on February 12-15, 2010
The Dominican Republic on February 18-22, 2010
Puerto Rico on March 20-27, 2010
China on April 6-9, 2010
Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom on May 5-8, 2010
UK, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Ascension Island, U.S. Virgin Islands on June 6-13, 2010
Denmark and South Africa on August 9-24, 2010
Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China on April 16-22, 2011
Mexico on May 15-17, 2011
Colombia, France, United Arab Emirates, and France again on November 1-11, 2011
UK and Russia on February 15-18, 2012
Germany, France, and the UK on February 1-5, 2013
UK and Ireland on March 20-22,

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