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Vietnam vet, a Jan. 6 ‘Biden political prisoner,’ pleads for freedom

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Jan. 6 defendants at the D.C. jail sing the national anthem (Photo by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene via Twitter)

A 71-year-old Vietnam veteran – and “Biden political prisoner” – is pleading for his freedom.

According to the The Gateway Pundit, Lonnie Coffman told his story on the Greg Kelly Reports to document his predicament.

And he sent a letter to The Gateway Pundit, which explained he’s being held “unconstitutionally with no bond.”

“We are not domestic terrorists like they are saying, we are patriots and we love America,” he said. “We need your support.”

At issue are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people arrested at the Capitol on Jan. 6. That was the day President Trump held a morning rally and told fans to protest congressional plans to adopt a challenged voted count that would make Joe Biden president “peacefully.”

Hundreds entered the Capitol building, sometimes as security officers held the doors open for them. Others broke some windows or doors to enter, and they then vandalized parts of the rooms.

Part of the issue is that many of those have been held without bond in Washington’s jails ever since, despite procedures that call for bond hearings and release until a trial.

Conversely, federal prosecutors mostly gave free passes to the thousands of Black Lives Matter activists who rioted in hundreds of cities over the course of 2020, causing damage estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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