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VIDEO: Nashville Mayor Laughs And Smiles While Talking About Explosion

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As new information about the Nashville explosion continue to comes in, one person who seems to be happy about the situation is Nashville mayor John Cooper (democrat, of course). While being interviewed by TV stations, Cooper starts smiling and laughing while talking about the explosion, before expressing his concerns over a water main.

Why is Mayor John Cooper laughing when he says, “….make sure this is the only explosion that’s gonna happen in Nashville today.” Then he goes on to talk about broken water mains. 🤔

What in the world. #NashvilleExplosion pic.twitter.com/NN2nFLoQWd

— Independent Women’s Voice (@IWV) December 25, 2020

Here’s a longer version of the interview, where Cooper can be seen smirking earlier on. He continues to smile and laugh throughout the whole interview. He encourages the public to move on, before saying “This feels a little bit like a tragedy…. I hate to use that word, but yeah, a tragedy… It possibly was unnecessary.”

Laughing and hesitating to call it a tragedy, saying it was only possibly unnecessary.

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I guess the democrats are learning that the quickest way to destroy American cities is via explosions, rather than simply banning businesses from operating, flooding the streets with homeless, encouraging crime, and

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