Video: “It’s a case of history repeating itself”…True Journalist Sheryl Attkisson on the Media War Against Trump’s Reelection in 2020

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There are very few true journalists anymore…Most of the media talking heads are former Clinton or Obama, officials or leftist opinion activists who spew slanted commentary sprinkled in with news.

One of the exceptions to the lack of true journalists is Sharyl Attkisson, who is a gem of a truthteller. For anyone who wants to dig deeper into the “slanted” news during the 2020 election, the video below is excellent. Attkisson gives example after example of blatant lies told by the press to harm President Trump.

The speech from Sharyl Attkisson begins at the 1:15 point in the video below:

Shocking examples from Attkisson drive home the point that our media has become a tremendous asset to the Democrats.

In early 2018, Sharyl Attkisson spoke about her investigation into the origins of fake news:

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson gave a TEDx Talk at the University of Nevada a couple of weeks ago. During her “Ted Talk”, Attkisson made a shocking revelation about how the “fake news” narrative began.  Watch, as Attkisson ties Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Google, and Facebook to start the “fake news” propaganda campaign designed to discredit conservative news sources.

Attkisson started out her talk by explaining to her audience that she began her investigation into “fake news” by asking 3 basic questions.

Number one…What is ‘fake news’ and what is not?

Number two…When did ‘fake news’ begin?

And number three, most interesting of all, I’ve investigated the shadowy multi-billion dollar industry that seeks to manipulate all of us through news, social media, and online. So, I wondered…Who’s behind the massive effort to direct our attention onto ‘fake news’? Is ‘fake news’ real?

Attkisson then gave several cases of “fake news”,

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