Video: Hamas Pretend to Be Dead to Gain Sympathy Amid Their Attacks on Israel

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When Donald Trump was president he seemed to have achieved what no other president had been able to achieve: peace throughout much of the Middle East.  For this, he received not just one, but an astonishing 5 nominations from people and boards around the world for the Nobel peace Prize.

However, as soon as it was clear that President* Biden had usurped the Whitehouse after November 3rd, much of the peacetime efforts of Trump’s Whitehouse began to disintegrate.  Biden helped this disintegration process along with his policies that have once again emboldened Iran.  Iran routinely calls for genocide of various non-Muslim people and The West, in general.  It recently posted a video fantasizing about blowing up the US Capitol.

All of this chaos and escalation has culminated, so far, in rockets from Hamas being launched at Israel this week.  Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system lobbed counter measures back at them.

ALERT: Ground stop ordered at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport due to ongoing rocket attacks

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 11, 2021

Israel now is reportedly now preparing a counteroffensive in retaliation to Gaza’s attack, as well.

So, once again, it seems the Middle East is back in another cyclical turmoil.

And, once again, alleged members of the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas are  lying posed on the ground pretending to be dead for photos in order to falsely try to convince the world of the evils of Israel and The West in general.

Because it is 2021, however, the arrogance and vanity have been multiplied by social media.  It seems that Hamas cannot help but post a boastful setup shot on TikTok,

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