VIDEO: Comedian Kate McKinnon Hilariously Mocks Fauci’s Confusing Mask Demands

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Saturday Night Live hits the nail on the head with a skit about Dr. Fauci’s very confusing mask-wearing demands. Comedian Kate McKinnon is fantastic as Dr. Anthony Fauci, even getting his voice down.

McKinnon describes the many scenarios which may or may not require masking up.

This is a rare funny moment of bipartisanship where the confusion is real for both sides of the aisle:

Americans are perplexed about the masks now, even though many businesses allow customers to go mask-free. There are exceptions like one that happened recently:

The CDC has new guidelines about mask-wearing, but not every retailer in every state allows people to go mask-free. A Costco in California was the scene of a confrontation between actor Ricky Shroder and a manager who

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