Veteran Has Perfect Response After Surveillance Camera Catches Horrible Woman(?) Trying To Light Flag Hanging From His Front Porch On Fire Before Memorial Day [VIDEO]

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US Army veteran Adam Douglas was shocked when he reviewed his surveillance camera footage and discovered a woman (?) standing on his front porch and attempting to light his United States flag on fire.

Douglas told Fox & Friends that he was “shocked and disgusted” that this person, whose sex is “unknown” (it appears to be a woman), tried to light his flag on fire only days before Memorial Day. Douglas said he’s had several people look at the video, and they’re unable to determine if this person is a man or a woman.

“The flag was attached to my house, and uh, I had a concern that my house could have caught on fire as well,” Douglas told the Fox & Friends host.

Fox & Friends guest host Lawrence Jones, who was clearly disgusted after watching the video, pointed out that in addition to burning the American flag, the person in the video was also committing arson. “So, Adam, obviously, we’re upset because the flag was burned, but this is arson. I mean, they just come up to your house and set something on fire!” the disgusted Fox & Friends host exclaimed. Adam Douglas agreed, “It was unbelievable. The [flag] pole was very close to the edge of my roof. It could have easily caught on fire and not being home—who knows what could have happened.

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asked Douglass what the U.S. flag me

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