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Using the Nuclear Pretext to Attack President Donald Trump Is Blown Up

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Let us call this Russiagate 2.0. According to the Washington Post (albeit a discredited newspaper but a reliable shill for the Washington political elite), the FBI was looking for nuclear documents in the Presidential collection Donald Trump stored at his Palm Beach estate. This speaks to the frantic desperation of the anti-Trump crowd, especially the corrupt officials that infest the leadership of the FBI and the Department of Justice. They used this ludicrous pretext to obtain a search warrant with the help of a credulous cretin of a Judge, Bruce Reinhart.

U.S. federal agents were looking for documents relating to nuclear weapons when they searched former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida this week, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Having failed to produce any evidence that Trump was working with good old Vladimir Putin to destroy America’s democracy with Russiagate 1.0, the anti-Trump crowd apparently has decided to trot out another Russia-tainted meme, the ultimate red herring, to portray Donald Trump as a 21st Century Dr. Strangelove. We now know the truth. Donald Trump was trying to build a nuclear weapon in his wine cellar at Mar A Lago.

What did he intend to do with that Bomb? Well, if you are going to adopt the mindset of the Washington glitterati, he was going to sell it to Russia. You see, Russia is a backward, technologically inept country and was counting on Trump to give Putin the nuclear secrets that would make it possible for Russia to conquer the world. What judge in his right mind could refuse to authorize a search for such deadly secrets?

I think we now know why the FBI was pawing through Melania Trump’s lingerie. They apparently had intercepted Trump telling his wife that she looked like a nuclear tipped cruise missile in her red Teddy.

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