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U.S. adds allegations to monopoly lawsuit against Facebook

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By Ailan Evans
Daily Caller News Foundation

The U.S. government amended its antitrust complaint against Facebook on Thursday, bolstering allegations that the tech company illegally maintained a monopoly.

The amended complaint follows the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) dismissed December 2020 complaint which failed to adequately prove the tech giant’s monopoly in the “Personal Social Networking Services” market.

The FTC alleges that Facebook illegally acquired competitors WhatsApp and Instagram in order to stifle competition, maintaining monopoly power by preventing competitors from operating on Facebook software.

Amendments to the FTC complaint provide data supporting the agency’s argument that Facebook maintained monopoly power and attempts to address points raised by the judge who dismissed the original claims.

“The suit also provides new direct evidence that Facebook has the power to control prices or exclude competition; significantly reduce the quality of its offering to users without losing a significant number of users or a meaningful amount of user engagement; and exclude competition by driving actual or potential competitors out of business,” the FTC said in a statement Thursday.

One reason for the earlier dismissal was the agency’s inability to provide a metric or method for calculating Facebook’s market share. This amended complaint seeks to address that failure by tying market share and market power to the size of Facebook’s user base.

“Measurements of a personal social networking service’s active user base and how much users use the service are appropriate measurements of market shares and

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