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U.N. Human Rights Council asked to protect life of innocent Christian

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Even the evidence doesn’t support the claim of blasphemy against a Pakistani Christian, but the American Center for Law and Justice is appealing to the United Nations to help protect him anyway because so many of those facing that charge in Pakistan simply are convicted based on no evidence.

The ACLJ said this week is has just filed a critical submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council, through its affiliate the European Center for Law and Justice, requesting that Pakistani authorities review the case based on its evidence and assure that justice is done.

“The submission points specifically to the fact that even the prosecution’s accusations against Shahzad do not constitute blasphemy under Pakistan’s law. This case is the epitome of a travesty of justice,” the ACLJ explained.

In Muslim-majority Pakistan, claims of blasphemy against Muhammad have been used in the past as a weapon by Muslims against Christians they simply dislike. Many are convicted because of mob pressure on the courts there.

And if they are released it’s not unusual for mobs to then find and execute such individuals.

The ACLJ explained it

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