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U.K. objects to real human bodies being used in exhibitions

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Art, literature and science date back centuries in the United Kingdom, with luminaries from William Shakespeare to Isaac Newton among those contributing.

But lawmakers there now are objecting to the use of real human bodies for an anatomical exhibition.

The online magazine Bitter Winter, which often deals with faith issues concerning Communist China, is reporting members of the U.K. House of Lords say, “Macabre, money making exhibitions parading the corpses of anonymous Chinese prisoners must stop.”

It’s at least partly because of evidence of the “grim traffic in prisoners’ body parts.”

“Lord Philip Hunt hopes his private member’s ‘Organ Tourism and Cadavers on Display Bill,’ which has finally seen the light of day in the Lords, will close all remaining avenues for U.K. citizens to travel to countries such a China for organ transplantation and ban ‘the dreadful traveling circus of body exhibitions, which sources deceased bodies from China.’”

It was a 2018 “Real Bodies” exhibition that included plastinated bodies of dead people that triggered the response.

“Lord Hunt was appalled to discover that the bodies were none other than ‘unclaimed bodies’ with

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