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Two Weeks of Biden Extremism – Guide to a Future Trump-like Presidency

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What has The Hologram taught regular Americans during his first few weeks in the Oval Office, and what has he taught the next Trump-like president with similar goals and objectives (assuming the oligarchy’s self-admitted tampering with elections can ever be overcome)? A lot.

[As an aside, if you don’t believe America has transitioned from a constitutional Republic to an oligarchy, then read these two OUTSTANDING articles by Angelo Codevilla and Lee Smith that clearly describes the oligarchy and how it came to be.]

Let’s get started with the lessons from Biden that we have learned – and are learning – the hard way.

Biden EOs lay bare his disdain for average Americans. Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline is a case in point. Those ~11,000 jobs lost were blue-collar jobs, not to mention the associated loss of infrastructure jobs in small businesses in the nearby towns that support all of those pipeline workers. Another example is his recent move to raise the refugee immigration quota to 125,000. Those people will compete for jobs with unemployed regular Americans, as the current unemployment rate is 6.3%, which is the key intended legacy of the state lockdowns over the past year. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords is a further signal that blue-collar workers in the US oil and gas industry are of no real importance to Biden and his collection of greenies. That move benefits two of America’s key adversaries by depressing the US economy: China and Russia.

Biden operates within a rigged system. The Game Stop affair shows how “the stock market that overlays the stock market” is rigged for hedge funds and large investors. The FBI couldn’t seem to arrest any violent BLM and Antifa protestors but have no problem finding and detaining people involved in the Capitol Hill event on 6 January (politically targeted,

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