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Tucker Carlson: Americans are ‘enslaved’

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By Mary Rose Corkery
Daily Caller News Foundation

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said Friday he believes a poll showing a decline in church membership indicates that Americans are “enslaved.”

“Actually, people aren’t liberated by fleeing from meaning, from God, from religion, they’re enslaved. Look at the country. And I would say that’s true for you know, feminism and all kinds of other, liberate, you know, liberation movements that actually paradoxically put people in bondage, but this one particularly,” Carlson said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

A Gallup poll published Monday found 47% of Americans in 2020 were members of a religious community, a decline from 50% in 2018. Church membership was around 70% in 1999 and 73% in 1937, when the first poll on the matter was conducted, according to Gallup.

A rise in Americans who don’t show a preference for religion has led to the decrease in religious community membership, according to Gallup.


Carlson said to his knowledge, this is the first time church membership had fallen below 50%.

“This is a result of a long-term … liberation m

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