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Truth: Another casualty of the Afghanistan war

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The last U.S. military aircraft to leave Afghanistan took off at 3:29 p.m. EDT on Aug. 30, 2021. According to President Joe Biden, this flight officially ended America’s longest war.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s evacuation of American citizens and allies from Afghanistan was so blatantly incompetent, callously negligent and knowingly incomplete that it is a stain on the very soul of our nation.

Biden and his sycophantic minions in the White House, State Department and Pentagon transformed what should have been a long overdue “welcome home” celebration for American troops into a deadly cesspool of grief, betrayal and shame.

The loss of American military personnel and loyal Afghans in this long war are sad beyond words. So too are the imminent deaths of those abandoned by a president who claimed no Americans or allies would be left behind. This egregious lie by Biden is one of many he and his administration repeatedly tell in an attempt to conceal their complicity in the worst self-inflicted disaster in American history.

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