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Trump Supporters Targeted for Professional Retaliation

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By Harold Hutchison

As the end stages of the battle over the 2020 election commence, a new threat is emerging against those who have made efforts to ensure an honest, transparent process of counting the legal votes that were cast: professional retaliation. As of this writing, there have been at least three attempts at professional sanctions of one form or another against attorneys who have supported President Trump’s efforts, whether on the official legal team or not.

In Florida, former Democrat congressional candidate Pam Keith has attempted to have Rep. Matt Gaetz and Attorney General Ashley Moody disbarred. She has also used social media to call for signatures on petitions, securing 1,614 signatures against Moody and 17,739 signatures against Gaetz as of Monday.

Keith, a former Navy JAG, has also called for shuttering Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and Parler on her Twitter feed, claiming they are seditious and “undermining democracy.” She also aimed a racially derogatory remark at rapper Kanye West for his support of President Trump.

FoxNews, OAN, Newsmax, Parler etc… need to be treated as enemies of the state.

When a media platform is used to foment sedition & undermine democracy, it needs to go!

EVERY Constitutional right has limits. Advocating destruction of the state is a hard limit.

— Pam Keith, Esq. (@PamKeithFL) December 14, 2020

He beclowned himself to be Trump’s step & fechit.

He sure was cheaply bought. https://t.co/TRnTLlHOSN

— Pam Keith, Esq. (@PamKeithFL) December 16, 2020

She is not the only one who seems intent on punishing those who have stepped up to fight for President Trump and his 75 million voters.

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