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Trump Supporters Flip The Script On Biden – They Just Demanded Joe To Give Up His Bank Records

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Throughout most of Donald Trump’s presidency, many Democrats kept trying to obtain his controversial tax records. It quickly became a major talking point among politicos and the media.

To date, the issue still remains largely unsettled in the courts. However, it looks like some Conservatives are flipping the script — they want a probe into Joe Biden’s financial history.

So, after years of House Democrats pursuing Trump’s records, it’s apparently the other side’s turn.

Essentially, several groups of conservative activists want an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings overseas, which also includes Joe’s son, Hunter.

The groups cite the now-infamous laptop that allegedly revealed some questionable interactions with foreign powers, as well as more information concerning Hunter’s involvement with a Chinese company.

And now more details may come to light soon.

Via Breitbart:

A group of conservative activists and leaders is asking House Democrats who have pursued President Donald Trump’s tax returns to demand former V

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