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Trump Pardonee Roger Stone Plans $25 Million Lawsuit Against DOJ, Says He “Was Subjected In A Soviet-Style Show Trial On Politically-Motivated Charges”

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Roger Stone, President Trump’s pardoned former adviser, said Thursday he plans to file a $25 million lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and several former top government officials.

Stone announced plans to pursue the litigation several hours after the White House announced he was among the latest Trump allies to receive a pardon from the president.

Posting on the social media service Parler, Stone, 68, said the terms of his pardon allow him to sue the Justice Department and that he intends to follow through.


Roger Stone Talks To Tucker Carlson After President Trump’s Pardon

Roger: “My hat is off to the President, the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln.”

Tucker: “I always felt watching what they did to you that if they could do that you, they could do that to anybody.” pic.twitter.com/2B3NoKpZxJ

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) December 24, 2020

Here is Roger Stone’s press release:

CONTACT: Stone@StoneColdTruth.com
Statement of Roger Stone
December 23, 2020

On behalf of my family and myself, I wish to praise God and give my deepest thanks to President Donald J. Trump for his extraordinary act of justice in issuing me a presidential pardon, completely erasing the criminal conviction to which I was subjected in a Soviet-style show trial on politically-motivated charges, further corrupted by egregious, illegal misconduct by the Jury Forewoman in the case.

Just weeks ago, when the US Department of Justice released the last remaining redacted sections of the ‘Mueller Report’ that pertained to my case, the Special Counsel admitted that there was no “factual” evidence whatsoever of coordination, collaboration or collusion between me,

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