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Trump is set to take on Liz Cheney by endorsing primary challenger: Report

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Donald Trump is reportedly planning to endorse Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman as a primary challenger against Republican Rep. Liz Cheney in an effort to oust the anti-Trump congresswoman.

Politico broke the news of the expected endorsement on Wednesday morning.

“His allies and team not only encouraged Hageman to run against Cheney — they now are under pressure to clear the crowded primary field of other candidates who could split anti-Cheney sentiment, which would give the incumbent the chance to win her primary with only a plurality,” Politico reported.

Hageman resigned Tuesday as a member of the state’s Republican National Committee in preparation for the announcement, according to the report.

“By censuring Rep. Liz Cheney we sent the strong message that we expect our elected officials to respect the views and values of the people who elected them. Accountability is key and I am proud of our party for demanding it,” Hageman wrote in her resignation letter.

“While I have thoroughly enjoyed my work as National Committeewoman, I will not be able to continue in that role at this time and am hereby submitting my resignation to be effective immediately. I have every intention of staying active in the Republican Party and in Republican politics, but will be doing so through different means.”

Trump reportedly met with Hageman in August, according to The Hill. At the time, neither Hageman nor a spokesperson for

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