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Trump in rare form in Alabama rally

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It was sooooo refreshing to see a real president.

President Trump told it like it is at a packed rally in Alabama Saturday night.

It has been too long since we’ve heard this kind of tough talk.

Trump told the truth – and he was cheerful, winsome and entertaining in the midst of multiple national crises and unrestrained incompetence demonstrated by his “successor.”

The latest embarrassing debacle – Afghanistan – he characterized thusly: “This will go down as one of the great military defeats of all time, and it did not have to happen that way. This was not a withdrawal, this was a total surrender, for no reason. He surrendered our airbase, he surrendered our weapons, he surrendered our embassy.”

He called it “the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America.”

Trump ripped President Joe Biden for allowing “weakness in the White House,” saying that “Vietnam looks like a masterclass in strategy compared to Joe Biden’s catastrophe.”

He didn’t forget to criticize the billions of dollars’ worth of arms and equipment that were left behind and seized by the Taliban, possibly including 600,000 assault rifles, some 2,000 armored vehicles and 40 aircraft, including Black Hawk helicopters.

“It didn’t have to happen. All he had to do was leave the soldiers until everyone was out, our citizens, the weapons, and then you bomb the hell out of the base

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