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Trump hints at 2024 run while slamming Biden on Afghanistan: ‘Nobody’s ever seen embarrassment like this’

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Former President Donald Trump implied he intends to run for president again during a Tuesday interview with conservative commentator Lisa Boothe.

Trump joined the Fox News personality on her “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast to talk about Afghanistan, President Joe Biden and the potential for Trump to launch a third White House bid in 2024.

Trump, stating that he won the 2020 election, said he is still deciding on another presidential campaign. But he more or less teased that his mind is made up.

“We won [the election] twice. I’ve won it twice and now I have to win it again,” he said. “I guess if we’re going to save the country.”

“I’ll make a decision,” Trump said.

“It won’t be maybe for a little while. You know, a lot of people would like to see a decision immediately,” he said. “But perhaps there’s also a big group, including maybe myself, that would like to see it after the midterms.”

He also called the 2020 election “rigged” during the interview with Boothe.

With regard to the latest Biden administration crisis in Afghanistan, Trump nailed Biden for his decision-making.

“Nobody’s ever seen embarrassment like this,” Trump said, adding that “between the border and Afghanistan … I guess

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