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Trump Forces Shadowy Election-Rigging Cabal Out into the Open

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Two startling developments have occurred regarding the controversy over the 2020 election in the past several days:

Time Magazine’s Molly Ball with Nancy Pelosi

First, Time Magazine published an article with what appears to be the full cooperation of powerful members of what Time’s own reporter Molly Ball describes as a ‘shadowy cabal’ of people who conspired together to ‘fortify’ the 2020 Election.

The second development is that the Supreme Court made the announcement that it will hold a conference to discuss five 2020 election-related cases. The cases the justices will take into consideration include the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, the case Sidney Powell filed in Michigan, Lin Wood’s lawsuit in Georgia, as well as the suit filed by PA Representative Mike Kelly.

Despite the constant media narrative that the controversies and scandals surrounding this last election are over and everyone has moved on, that’s simply not the case. No one seems to have notified the Supreme Court of this. And, I find it interesting that both these rather curious things happened just in advance of former President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial at the U.S. Senate, which is scheduled to begin this week.

Beneath the Propaganda, Startling Admissions

At one point, the Time article mocks former President Trump by admitting that “in a way, he was right” about the 2020 election having been “rigged.” But then Molly Ball goes on to helpfully make the case that the secret cabal made up of corporate CEO’s, corporate media, Big Tech and anti-Trump GOP was not “rigging” the election at all – they were “fortifying” it to stop the evil Trump’s ‘assault on democracy’. After more than three full months of furious censorship and attacks on anyone claiming the election was rigged,

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