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Trump Blows Through 2020 Election Deadline – He Just Used Al Gore’s 2000 Precedent To Challenge Results

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What’s Happening:

Democrats and their media allies keep begging for Trump to just give up. But clearly, the president isn’t so easily swayed.

Critical lawsuits are moving through the courts. Their decisions could dramatically impact the elections.

But one deadline has already been reached, the so-called “safe harbor” deadline. That hasn’t deterred Trump, as he continues his battle.

In fact, he pointed to Al Gore. Because twenty years ago, he did the same thing. From Fox News:

“Even Justice Ginsburg in the election contest in Bush v. Gore recognized that the date of what she called ultimate significance is Jan. 6, that’s the date that Congress actually counts the votes of the delegates,” Ellis said. “Although we have the safe harbor deadline today, and we have the meeting of the Electoral College next week on Dec. 14, the ultimate date of significance is Jan. 6.”

Trump’s team quoted Justice Ginsburg. Back in

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