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Today’s capitalism is not true free-market capitalism

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There’s nothing capitalist about the “new” capitalism defined by the left. What they describe as “evolving” capitalism is nothing more than warmed over fascism.

In an article in BBC/Future, the author enthusiastically envisions “the next stage of capitalism.”

However, as you read, it becomes obvious that what he is defining as capitalism is nothing like a free-market meritocracy we conservatives characterize.

In my humble opinion, the model for capitalism is the same as the model for life – based on Thomas Jefferson’s oft-quoted rhetorical question. Simply put, if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, what difference is it to me?

Yes, I know Jefferson was speaking of religion and God, but the same creed holds true in all aspects of life and business. In other words, don’t injure me and don’t steal from me.

Now may be a good time to once again quickly review the three economic principles, in terms of goods and services – capitalism, fascism and communism, minus the conquest, murder and submission of two of them.

Communism controls the means of production of everything. In effect, there is no private sector. Fascism has a private sector, but government controls this private sector. You may know fascism by another popular term, “public/private partnership,” where government has controlling interest and thus the ability to pick winners and losers. Sound familiar?

However, with capitalism, the government’s only role in the economy is supposed to be to prevent parties in the pri

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