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TN School Board Mutes Livestream Of Parents Reading Graphic Material

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A Williamson County, TN school board selectively muted audio during a public hearing featuring seven parents reading from sexually graphic books found in local middle and high school libraries on Monday. Board member, Carol Birdsong, unilaterally made the decision in real-time and without notice, citing “violations of FCC rules” as her rationale for muting the feed.

Williamson County mother, Kristin Benton, organized the readings so that a group of seven parents could read excerpts from the sexually graphic books. Her reaction to being muted speaks to the hypocrisy of the school board:

“We were silenced, and by silenced, I mean they muted the live stream of the meeting so no one watching at home could hear what was being said. Carol Birdsong unilaterally made the decision to do that because of FCC broadcasting laws. The message was loud and clear—FCC REGULATIONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROTECTING OUR KIDS. Our phones were exploding with text messages from parents watching at home—we sounded the alarm that the feed was being muted every time one of our group was at the podium. Other than Nancy Garrett pounding her gavel to silence the room, they did nothing. They refused to address it.”

Benton says that parents all over the country are finding “graphic sexual content, including rape, coercive sex, drug abuse, sexual assault, incest, and more,” exposing students as young as age 10 to the material. The material is more often found in school libraries, but in some cases, it has been found in classrooms, according to Benton.

While this story will focus on Williamson County, there is no doubt that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is alive and well in American K-12 schools. CSE is critical theory material,

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