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The Unwritten Story of the Latest Impeachment Farce

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In a 57-43 vote on Saturday, President Trump was acquitted by the US Senate after his defense team eviscerated the “case” presented by the House Democrat impeachment managers. Every single Democrat point was refuted for all the world to see in short order – using just a few hours’ worth of commentary and damning videos to expose Democrat evidence-tampering, out-of-context quotations, rank hypocrisy (the devastating “fight” video), playing the race card, and lies by omission. Even the Charlottesville “very fine people” hoax that The Hologram and others repeated throughout the campaign last year was thoroughly debunked once and for all. Yet, seven RINO senators must have been asleep at the switch—or filled with visceral and implacable Trump-hatred—as they voted with the lockstep Democrats to convict President Trump. The Trump hatred definitely applies to Pierre Delecto.

It is laughable that the Democrats bray that “Trump is the only president in history to be impeached twice” when the fact that he is the only president to have been twice acquitted is equally true. Not to mention that Nancy Pelosi in less than two years was responsible for half of the impeachments ever made against a president in America’s nearly 240-year history, with the second one being a clearly unconstitutional act!

In their continuing madness and desire to “get Trump,” the Democrats and their operatives in the media are fixated on maintaining the narrative that President Trump was “inciting insurrection” on 6 January at the Capitol. They are attempting to make hay with that execrable floor speech made after the acquittal vote by Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), as well as the recent public statements by Nikki Haley in which she attacked President Trump.

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