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The Trojan Horse Legal Case That Could Flip The US Senate Red

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Who is Michael Daugherty?  He is the man who fought the Deep State for a decade, and won. 

In 2008, Daugherty was running his medical lab company in GA, minding his own business, when he got a phone call saying his patients’ data had been found available on the internet, a violation of Federal law.  The software firm on the other end of the phone call demanded money to ‘fix the problem’.  

To make a long story short, Daugherty fought back, didn’t give up, wrote a book about his experience, and over a decade later, discovered it was the FBI who had given powerful surveillance software to Tiversa who then hacked his computers and demanded payment to ‘make it all go away’.  In short, the “Fast and Furious of Cybersecurity”.  Tiversa pulled this charade again and again with hundreds of organizations, yet the Federal Trade Commission came after Daugherty, rather than Tiversa, demanding he admit he ran a company with shoddy data security practices. 

Daugherty wouldn’t play ball, blowing the whistle on the corruption, so the FTC came at him hard with years of relentless investigation and litigation.

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