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The Third Party Morass

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In the backwash of the impeachment scandal and the cowardly vote by seven Republicans, there is increasing talk of a new MAGA or Trump third party. Without question, the Republican Party is corrupt, feckless, and largely gutless. It is very nearly a part of the Uniparty. But Donald Trump has rejected any association with a third party.

Why? A third party is seemingly a no-brainer. Over and over, the GOP has proven either unwilling to change or deeply in bed with the Deep State. Republican “leaders” (i.e., those whom the Hoax News runs to any time they want to quote a Republican) have proven hostile to MAGA and Trump issues. Most are receiving money from either China or big pharma. It should be easy to toss these bilgebarrels over the side, right?

Not so fast.

What is the history of third parties in America? With the beginning of the “Era of Good Feelings” (1826) in which there was only one real political party, the “Democratic-Republicans.” As I have written in other places, the incident that changed this and started the “Second American Party System” was the Missouri Compromise. Martin Van Buren, to prevent a civil war over slavery, created a new Democrat Party to reward both pro-, and anti-slave, voters with “spoils” or the patronage system. Briefly, the Democrats had an opponent, the Whigs, but they (like the Democrats) refused to confront slavery in any way, laying themselves open to a genuine opposition party that sought to end slavery. That was the Republicans in 1855.

Whig campaign print for William Henry Harrison and John Tyler during the presidential election of 1840, playing up Harrison’s common man persona with log cabin and hard cider imagery. Library of Congress,  » Read More