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The ruling class: So good at nation-building

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Afghanistan is just another poignant reminder why the United States Constitution requires that Congress declare war before placing our brave military in harm’s way.

The last time Congress declared war was World War II, the last war America won. It is also proof that our Founding Fathers were far smarter than the mental midgets on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon who get us into these futile foreign entanglements. Vietnam obviously taught our arrogant ruling class nothing, other than how to fill their pockets with war profiteering. But perhaps they really only know what their think tanks tell them – at the taxpayers’ expense. The same type of geniuses have allowed Wall Street to offshore our Main Street prosperity and self-sustainability to Communist China and other slave-labor countries.

Now, after spending two decades and copious blood and treasure in Afghanistan, Uncle Sam is scrambling once again to flee from the failed nation-building he does so well. Sadly, the Afghans who bought into all the empty promises made by America and her “coalition partners” will now suffer the long-term, dire consequences wrought upon them by the religious fanatics overrunning their war-torn country. Like Vietnam, there was no strategy to win the “war” in Afghanistan going in, just as there was no exit strategy when we stopped dropping bombs.

Meanwhile, our southern border is a sieve that over the past sev

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