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The prophesied ‘BIG War’ on humanity has begun

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This past weekend I spoke at the Kindred of the Kingdom conference of Coach Dave Daubenmire’s Salt and Light Brigade, deep in the mountains of East Tennessee. It was a gathering of mostly veteran Christian culture warriors, and while the fellowship was warm and invigorating, the theme was sober and serious.

We all agreed these are the darkest times we have ever seen in America, and that our liberties and values are under increasing assault on every front – with no guarantee we will recover the constitutional republic we lost in the 2020 election. But we were also unified in the determination to fight on resolutely for the cause of Christ and restoration of the rule of law and ethics embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, come what may.

I was asked to speak about the Black Robed Regiment – the fighting clergy of the Revolutionary War – particularly about my own Revolutionary Remnant Regiment, formed under the umbrella of my (non-501c3) First Century Bible Church. I rarely speak from notes, but in my early-morning prayer walk that day I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to follow this set of talking points:

1. The BIG War is upon us: the prophesied last days war on humanity, as distinct from cultural skirmishes like the Drag Queen Story Hour abomination and full-sized battles like the political fight to retake the country from the Marxists in 2022.

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