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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 18, 2021

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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Jennifer Palmieri reports that Georgia governor Brian Kemp, who did not lift a finger to help Trump in the election fraud challenge, could be in “deep trouble” if a primary opponent appears as per a GOP poll shared with her.

RINO Kemp Could Be In Deep Trouble If He Gets Primary Opponent

2) In a massive miscarriage of justice, the “Qanon shaman” Jacob Chansley is sentenced to more than three years in prison for Patriot Day activities.

3) While a new motion is filed by the Patriot Day detainees claiming they are subjected to “medical apartheid.”

New Motion In J6 Case: Detainees Subjected to Medical Apartheid

4) Biteme attacks the oil companies for the shortages he caused.

Joe Biden Attacks Oil Companies For High Gas Prices That He Caused

5) Red wave continues to grow: deep-blue Columbia, SC elects Republican mayor over candidate endorsed by Zero.

‘Red Wave’ Strengthens As Obama-Endorsed Candidate Loses to GOP

6) . . . and another canary in the coal mine, er, sorry, the solar panel as long-time DemoKKKrat Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina calls it quits (second from NC to retire), bringing the total to 14 DemoKKKrat retirees just so far.

-And it’s only 2021!

7) Meanwhile, the Demented Rutabaga can’t even remember the Aussie Prime Minister’s name: “that fellow down under.”

8) GOP Rep. Jason Smith: DemoKKKrats loved the Congressional Budget Office on Trump’s tax bill; now they are trying to discredit it.

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