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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 10, 2021

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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) State school board associations continue to flee the National School Board Association after its letter calling parents domestic terrorists.

State School Board Associations Continue to Flee NSBA

2) Judge rules the sham Jan. 6 Patriot Day committee can access some Trump docs. We’ll see if this legal reasoning applies to Durham and his investigations on other people.

Judge Issues Ruling On If Sham Jan 6th Committee Can Access Trump Docs

3) New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, rules out U.S. Senate run. He was leading, but police showed up at an Oct. 13 Executive Council meeting on the China Virus vax and removed activists. Sununu was leading his opponent Maggie Hassan in most polls and was deemed a likely pickup for Rs.

4) Steve Bannon: “We’re gonna get 50% of the black male vote in the 2022 elections.”

Bannon on Republicans Winning Black Male Vote: ‘We’re Gonna Get 50% Of That Vote In 2022’

5) File under “They still don’t get it.” Top House DemoKKKrat says Biteme “not getting the job done on messaging.”

-He should have stopped with “Not getting the job done.”

6) Here is some of that messaging: Life under the Rutabaga’s regime is horrible: “anxiety, gas prices are exceedingly high.”  And he has neither the mental capacity nor the desire to do anything about it.

Biden Admits Living Under His Presidency Is Horrible

7) Normally, “Today’s News” doesn’t cover “‘X said this about ‘y’,” but Greg Kelly’s rant on Liz Cheney was a thing of beauty.

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