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The Media is Not Telling the Whole Story About January 6

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By Dr. Karlyn Borysenko


It’s been almost a year since I attended my first Trump rally and left the Democratic party after being a member for 20 years.

I never expected to become a Trump supporter and I certainly never expected to be part of a protest that stormed the United States Capitol Building. But that’s exactly where I ended up on January 6th, 2021. In the last day, we’ve seen a lot of reporting about what happened at the Capitol, some of it true and some not. I want to offer a different perspective based on my experience there.

Before we get started, I have to offer the compulsory disclaimer: I condemn the violence that occurred and break-in into the Capitol Building, absolutely and unequivocally. I condemn it in exactly the same way that I condemn Antifa and BLM’s violence for months after the death of George Floyd.

But the reality is that, just like the BLM protests, there were many more people who were there peacefully than those who were rioting. Our first amendment protects our right to peaceful protest. That’s true if you’re peacefully protesting for BLM, and that’s true if you are protesting to support President Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if you like the cause that someone is a protestor for or not. Their rights are still protected.

There is a much bigger picture to this event that is being overlooked by almost everyone who has covered it. I believe the event was entirely predictable and entirely preventable. And yet, I also think something was compelling about it. But before we get into that, I have to share how I ended up there.

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