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Recently a news article reviewed some of the actions by Twitter, Facebook, and the media as follows:

Guidelines were often arbitrary and seemingly meaningless. A word or phrase might be declared out of bounds with no coherent justification provided. . . A reporter whose byline appeared above an impertinent article might find himself [suspended or blocked] the following day. On occasion, an article would be “recalled” [remember when the New York Times changed its actual headlines related to “muh Russia and leaking?], requiring that [editors] be send [to take down articles on the site]. 

Oh, wait. That wasn’t a recent article. That was from The Conquering Tide by Ian Toll about World War II in the Pacific relating how the Japanese government controlled speech in 1943 as the war turned sour. Editors or writers found guilty of violating official “guidelines” saw their papers closed down and could themselves be drafted or sent to prison and tortured. Does this sound familiar: “Since the emperor was infallible, no past declaration could have been inaccurate…Instead, new lies were offered to prop up past falsifications and errors…”

Yet, the great Twitter purge continues. This week not only was I suspended, but also Cassandra Peterson, Gateway Pundit, and our own Daniel Bobinski and Stu Cvrk. Mostly, the crime was to retweet anything having to do with “My Pillow’s” Mike Lindell and his video on election fraud. There was one Godzilla-sized problem with all this. Time magazine this week let the cat out of the bag and all but confirmed there was election fraud to, in their words, “fortify” the election.

We return yet a third time to my analysis of the January 6 “Patriot Day” events in which I said that visit to the Capitol terrified the elites.

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