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The left are ‘doers,’ while the right would rather rant

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You want to know the real reason why the left is making incredible inroads into all areas of life despite the fact they have unlikable, unbelievable positions? Because they are doers.

Our side may have better-looking people, but that translates into our being more likely to lounge around watching political talk shows and whining. We’re the side known for having long policy conferences and sitting around criticizing the problems in society. We have all these stars on our side who entertain us. Turn on right-wing TV and you feel like you’re looking at models. We have the best memes. We’re standing on street corners waving Trump signs and bragging about having the largest rallies.

In contrast, the left is out walking, knocking on doors and recruiting voters, hanging out in nursing homes, bringing cookies to the staff and pretending they care about old people in order to get their votes. They’re doing opposition research behind the scenes. While we’re frothing at the mouth saying outrageous things to raise money and attract attention, they’re secretly watching long hours of our conferences and campaign rallies collecting our careless mistakes. One frustrated congressman told me that while he was speaking at a two-hour meeting to a group of 100 activists, those 100 activists could have been out knocking on doors; they could have accomplished 200 hours of work.

The left is out there making our feeble-minded conservatives representative of the rest of us while w

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