The Head of the American Federation of Teachers Union Disparages Police and National Guard and She Can’t Even Make Sense of Simple Math!

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By Joe Hoft

Published April 18, 2021 at 11:30am

The Teachers Union Head backs riots in Minneapolis, hates America First, and can’t calculate simple arithmetic, and we wonder why our kids can’t read but know how to push communism.

Red State reported today on American Federation of Teachers head, Randi Weingarten:

Weingarten raised questions about the CDC scaling back recommended social distancing for kids in schools from six feet to three feet. That would allow more schools to be open sooner, but she wasn’t accepting it.

We have more on the head of the union representing teachers across the nation.  Weingarten clearly backs the violent riots in Minnesota which are again destroying innocent people’s lives and livelihoods.  Does Weingarten even care about the school-age children whose lives are negatively impacted by these riots?  Apparently not because she promotes a tweet claiming the mean police are targeting innocent individuals who they mace for no reason:

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This powerful image makes so clear that the press are being targeted by law enforcement. This isn’t an accident, and it happened after the federal court order was issued. But the disturbing part is that even without that order, this is *always* illegal, yet a widespread practice.

— Tony Webster (@webster) April 17, 2021

Ms. Weingarten also believes the National Guard traumatizes the black and immigrant communities who suffer from experiences with the police and uniformed soldiers.  

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